Top 5 Web Scraping Tools 2018

Top 5 Web Scraping Tools 2018

Here we keep tabs on the top five web scraping tools in 2018.


A Chrome extension, Scraper has limited data extraction features yet you can use it to carry out the web research and send out data to Google Spreadsheets. It allows both beginners and experts to copy information to the clipboard or save in the spreadsheets while utilizing OAuth.
Scrubber works in your browser and auto-produces smaller XPaths for characterizing URLs to crawl. It does not ease bot creeping, such as Import, Webhose, etc. However, beginners do not have to handle the untidy design.


A ground-breaking yet adaptable web harvesting tool for web scraping prevention, 80legs caters to all your necessities. It brings excellent information, in addition to downloading the harvested data in a split second. The web scraper crawls to a number of 600,000+ domains, and huge players like MailChimp and PayPal use it. The application gives elite web crawling that works quickly, to get the required information in no time.


Spinn3r brings in full information from websites, news, and social media websites, and RSS and ATOM channels. Spinn3r is best appropriated with a firehouse API, to oversee 95% of the indexing. It offers elite spam protection, to cut spam and inappropriate language uses and improve information safety.
Spinn3r records content and saves the harvested information in JSON documents. The web scraper continually filters the web, discovering updates from various sources to get you constant productions. Its admin console controls crawls, and full-content search permits making multiple inquiries on raw information.


Another web information extraction tool, VisualScraper gathers data from the web. It collects information from website pages, bringing in the outcomes progressively. Besides, you can send out in different formats, such as CSV, XML, JSON, and SQL.


ParseHub crawls single and numerous sites with help for JavaScript, AJAX, sessions, etc. The tool utilizes AI, perceiving the hardest docs on the web and producing the output record dependent on the required information group.
ParseHub is likewise available as free desktop software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, offering an essential free solution to cover five crawling projects.

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