Android v/s PC Games

If you go five years back and tell a person that mobile devices and tablets would have an opportunity to become home gaming consoles, then you would get laughed out loudly of the living room. Although the state-of-the-art of mobile has the Apple iPhone 3G, Blackberry Storm, Palm Treo Pro, HTC G1. If you compare these devices with Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii, it will be so absurd to the point of laughter for us. The world has changed. The gaming industry has grown up. Great growth of mobile gaming has been noticed since yesteryears, bringing one’s attention to this industry. iPhone and Android, as gaming devices, have witnessed an unexpected marginality in the world of gaming.

How To Play Android Games On PC

We have a great number of android games that one can play on PC such as Angry Birds, Temple Run, Plants v/s Zombies, etc. These games were only created for Android, but they became so much that their PC version was demanded excessively. Some Android games can easily run on PC. You just need to download free pc games from any reliable website. Moreover, you do not need to be worried if an Android game does not run on PC. We have a solution. What you need to do is download BlueStacks App Player. BlueStacks App Player enables you to run Android applications, especially games on PC. It is the alpha version of emulator, allowing you to use your Android on your PC.

Science is touching the skies as the time passes. So the question is ‘can these mobile devices replace PC’? Seriously, ‘can you consider it these devices as ludicrous today as you considered it five years ago’ or ‘can you argue that now, or in the next few years, these mobile devices and tablets kill the use of PC’?

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