Unit Converter Plus v1.4.5.4 Apk Full Crack

Unit Converter Plus free download android application with crack & serial key is a simple converter and the user-friendly unit with a clean user interface. Unit Converter Plus has everything you loved about the original unit converter and much more.

Features Of Unit Converter Plus :

* Download Time Calculator - estimate how long it will take to download a file of a certain size with a certain bandwidth.
* Currency conversions from 165 countries (compared to 60 in the original).
* Ability to drive by your name search and will show you all the categories that the unit is in *
* The ability to create units customized for almost all categories (what if a unit is not and you know the conversion factor can add yourself). There are some categories that do not allow at present for the units custom... Please send me an email if you have any questions.
* A new section calculator with a calculator and a simple 4-function calculator.
* More options of choice including the establishment of the start-up of the screen (to be able to jump to your favorite section of automatic form) and the option to show the results in scientific notation.
* The ability to search and filter units in the drop-down list.
* Optimized for faster and more efficient.
* Works with Android 2.3 and has Froyo Apps2SD (and above).

Size: 1.9 MB | Version: | Android: 2.1

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