AVG PRO v4.0.0.1 Apk Download Full Crack

AVG PRO Antivirus with serial key is an advanced android cracked antivrius that offers full premium protection against viruses, malware, spyware and vulnerability online in real time.

With AVG PRO - protection Antivirus you can do the following:

-Analyze applications, configurations, files, media, calls and text messages (SMS) at tiemporeal
-Active search or location of your phone lost or stolen using Google Maps ™
-Finish the tasks that they can slow down your phone
-Surf the internet safe and secure
-Check the battery, storage and use of the data package
-Filter and block calls and unwanted text (SMS) messages

In addition, when you install the Premium application get:-Application Blocker
-Backup of applications
-Camera trap: discreetly send by e-mail a picture of who is to enter 3 incorrect password when attempting to unlock your phone
-Simlock: it automatically blocked your phone when someone replaced your SIM card

Features of the application:
-Analyze downloaded files and applications and remove the malicious content
-Browse, buy, and use social networks with peace of mind knowing that your identity and personal data are protected against phishing and malware
-Analyze web sites against harmful threats. Safe internet browsing applies only to the default Android browser

-Complete tasks and processes that can slow or block your device
-Check the battery consumption, configure notifications that indicate the battery level, and active energy saving
-Check traffic: keep a record of the use of the mobile data plan 3G / 4G
-Optimize space of internal storage and SD card, either through the uninstallation of applications and games or transport of these between the internal memory of the device and the SD card

Size: 9.1 MB | Version: | Android: 1.6 +

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