Avast! Antivirus Pro & Internet Security 2014 9.0 Full Crack

Avast! Antivirus Pro & Internet Security 2014 9.0 full version with crack, serial key, license key & patch is available for download free on softwaresplus. Avast! Antivirus software is an advanced application that can detect the virus on the hard drive of the PC in his memory, boot sectors, etc. supported by a virus in the charts, there is a script blocker. Virus database is constantly updated and can be downloaded via the Internet. Avast! It has a simple and intuitive interface with skins support. Available in two versions - Home Edition (free for private use) and Professional Edition (of payment for organizations).

Changes in avast! 2014 Key Crack Serial:

Features and improvements related to the protection
* New technology allows DeepScreen avast! make more informed decisions about new files / unknown. DeepScreen is the successor to AutoSandbox, updated at the time of some new technologies.
* Hardened - new mode for more stringent blocking scenarios. This new modality, which is especially recommended for novice users (for example, your grandmother), that automatically blocks the execution of binary files, they are usually deeply rooted in the system (moderate), or allow only programs with a good grade in FileRep (aggressive level). In a sense, this mode brings the concept of "white list" of solution anti - virus.
* Increasing the capacity of the cloud of scanning and analysis crowdsourcing of suspicious objects. Features include the new. mechanisms for collecting data optimized with Avast sencorov.
* Updates of streaming current detection technology. This is not entirely new solution for versions of 2014 (9.0), but when avast really ready for streaming infrastructure improvements that will ensure the safe operation and trouble-free. At the moment is about 350-400 updates per day, which allows signature updates approximately every 3.75 minutes, 24 x 7, the 365 days of the year. Transmitted updates can now also lead to more types of definitions than before.
* Improvement of cleaning malware. This standard applies to malicious programs, as well as rootkits and file viruses.

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