Syncovery v.6.55 Build 197 + Serial

Syncovery is a great & powerful application that is used to back up and synchronize PCs, servers and laptops. Users can choose the user interface that suits them: the wizard mode or advanced mode. The settings are stored in multiple profiles and the software comes with support for FTP and secure FTP, SSH, WebDAV, Amazon S3, http servers, file partial update, compression, ZIP data encryption, and a scheduler for automated backup. The programmer can work as a service without requiring users to login. In Windows XP or later, locked files can be copied using the volume shadow copy service.

Basic characteristics of Syncovery:

-Synchronizes or backs up files and full in different places, such as PCs, Macs, laptops, file structures, or online storage.

-Copy multiple files in parallel. You can copy files between 1 and 10 in parallel. This can greatly speed up the copy phase.

-Internet support. Supports several protocols of the Internet, such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP / SSH, WebDAV, SSL, HTTP, as well as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Docs web storage.

-Compression and supports encryption. Easily compress your files and encrypt with a strong 256-bit AES encryption.

-Detects files moved. If reorganized their portfolios by moving files to different locations, Syncovery will detect this and quickly perform the same - moves on the other side of timing, rather than delete and copy files.

-SmartTracking. This mode is designed for two-way synchronizations. A database of all files is maintains so that it can detect deletions of files and conflicts.

-Mode mirror exact. This mode is designed for one-way synchronizations.

-Unattended mode. In this mode, no questions asked while the profile is run. All important decisions can be previously in the profile settings.

-Copy locked files. If some files cannot be copied, because other programs access to these files, volume shadowing can be used in Windows XP or later to copy the files.

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