Sticky Password + serial & Keygen

Sticky Password is a full version strong and reliable password manager with serial key, crack and keygen designed to provide the means to keep you safe online and save time with the fill tool of online form that gives you automated logins and click forms filled.

Each license includes the free portable version and installs easily onto your USB device or memory flash drive, so you will always have your passwords and other data with you whenever you need them.

Sticky Password incorporates the most powerful encryption algorithms in the industry and provides effective protection against spoofing, hidden recorders and identity theft.

Sticky Password creates secure passwords for you and stores your passwords safely and offers access automated web sites and applications, as well as the filling of forms online with the click of a button.

These are some of the features:

Save time with Sticky Password:
· Sticky Password recognizes password protected sites and log in automatically.
· Filling of forms with a single click. Sticky Password fill out tedious forms online quickly and accurately.
· Sticky Password integrates with your browser and applications so that your passwords and data are always ready when you need them.

Protect yourself against identity theft and online threats:
· Sticky Password creates the strongest possible passwords and manages them for you. With Sticky Password password generator, you are only a click away from other secure password.
· The database is encrypted with strong encryption algorithms available in the industry, including military-grade AES algorithm.

Organize - web site under control accounts and passwords:
· Sticky Password puts strong passwords under your control. The master password is the only password you will need to remember.
· Sticky Password fill in all the forms online for you.
· Requires no toolbars: located in the title bar, the title button is your access point to the functions of Sticky Password. No one has it.
· Each license of Sticky Password includes the portable version, so you will always have your passwords when you need them.
· Supports the safe export and other collaboration options.


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