Download Trojan Killer Latest Version

Trojan Killer full version is an advanced application with serial key, crack and keygen, designed to remove various malware from your computer, those files that are hidden in the system effecting the usability of micro. Common examples are adware malware (infections that display Windows of advertisements without the user asking); spyware (may maintain and submit records from your keyboard and mouse activity to some location); and hidden dialers (may initiate phone calls without your request). 

The program is simple, going straight to the point. Every time that the user starts, it provides a scanned into the system in search of viruses — no extra menus or complicated commands. For the convenience of the user, the Trojan Killer has the option of running the scan every time the computer is started, ensuring security. If you are active user of the internet, do not allow malicious applications to create roots and destroy your machine.

Product Details :
PC Platform
Style: Utility
Release date: 2013
Format: Rar
Size: 64 MB
Crack: Included

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