Chrome Password Decryptor 5.0 Latest Version Download

Chrome Password Decryptor is a powerful tool to retrieve all passwords stored in all versions of Google Chrome browser available for free download with serial key. Automatically detects the default path for the current user, and Google Chrome shows all stored passwords. Results of recovery can save file HTML / XML / TXT. Useful in the following cases:.

Features OfChrome Password Decryptor :
• To have a copy of the password •
security to transfer the passwords from a system to another.
• To store the passwords in a secure storage.
• To restore. passwords in case of breakage of the browser Google Chrome version portable features.
• Works without installation on your computer.
• Do not prescribe in the system.
• Packaged into a single file Chrome Password Decryptor is a tool to recover stored passwords instantly all browser Google Chrome. 
• It is detected automatically by default Chrome profile path for the current user and displays all login passwords stored in text clear after decoding them.
• It also shows all entries in the blacklist of web sites that the user has been Chrome to not remember passwords.
• Another useful feature of this tool is the save option that it can be used to keep the secrets of access to the local file in HTML / XML / text standard.

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