avast! Internet Security 2014 License File Download

avast! Internet Security 2014 is a latest version suite with license file that gives all-inclusive protection by protectting your data, your identity and sensitive financial transactions in its safe zone - and keeps out hackers with your firewall.

Protect your financial transactions
Avoid that data of your credit card or your bank account which will be hacked online for the purpose of stolen money. Configure your favorite banking or shopping sites so they open automatically in SafeZone, to make sure that all your sensitive financial transactions remain private. Now extremely easy to start and use.

It makes your computer a fortress for your data
Your private data should not be within the reach of anyone more than you. Therefore, silent firewall and Internet Security blocks attempts hackers of the theft of confidential personal information from your PC. This new version has been rewritten to make faster decisions, works even better in Windows and is fully compatible with IPv6.

Say: "Goodbye" to spam and phishing scams
The majority of spam messages include harmful links of 'phishing' designed specifically to exploit data from your PC or your credit card. This type of phishing email will try to convince you that it comes from a legitimate sender. Our anti-spam technology filters these annoying messages to save time and protect you against possible headaches.

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