Storyboard Pro 3D SP1 Crack Free Download

Free Download-Storyboard Pro 3D SP1-Crack-Full Version
Features :

3D Camera functionality
Ability to rotate around the Stage view in full perspective mode
Enable 3D mode that allows 2D layers to be rotated and repositioned in 3D space
Enable 3D mode that allows the Camera to be rotated and repositioned in all axes
Export Soundtrack as a WAV
Face Camera mode for 2D layers to always face the camera
Look At Selected functionality to easily snap the Stage View to a drawing layer to draw
Open a library that contains 3D files for easy import into the project
Reset to 2D mode to remove all 3D manipulations
Import with textures visible in OpenGL
Manipulate imported objects in 3D
Subselect meshes in the 3D object to manipulate them based on the pivot points that were set up in the original 3D file
Reposition pivot points in Storyboard Pro 3D after import
Choose between Wireframe, Flat, or Shaded display for 3D objects
Benefits :
Efficient visualization of your ideas
Faster turnaround
Professional animated storyboards
Reduced costs

Minimum Requirements :
Windows Xp/ Vista/ 7/ 8 (32 & 64 bit)
No special requirements

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