AutoKMS v5.0 Activator Download Free

AutoKMS - This activator is based on KMSNano 13 
* heldigard * and KMSmicro Select Edition 0.9.1 * abbodi1406 
* improved * echo2 * fully automatic activator Windows and Office!
*Versatility (activates: Vista/7/8 Pro / Enter / N / VL; Office 2010/2013 Retail / VL; Server Std / Data 2008/2008R2/2012)
*Does not require active participation of the user (it is enough to start the activator and choose what you want).
*Simultaneous activation immediately and Windows, and Office.

With it you can:
*Activate Windows 8 Enterprise
*Activate Windows 8 Professional
*Activate Microsoft Office 2013
*Activate Microsoft Office Visio 2013
*Activate Microsoft Office Project 2013
*Activate Microsoft Office 2010
*Activate Microsoft Office Visio 2010
*Activate Microsoft Office Project 2010
*Activate Windows 7 Enterprise
*Activate Windows 7 Professional
*Activate Windows Vista Enterprise
*Activate Windows Vista Professional
*And more x)

*Implemented KMSELDI.exe 14
*Skip "VOLUME_MAK" and "Retail" in scripts

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Password: koskomputer

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